• Athens, TN 6-8-2024
  • Graduating Class 2-24-24 Temple, Tx - Cornerstone Christian Fellowship
  • Graduating Class 1.20.2024 - Soddy Daisy TN - Armed and Dangerous



Thank you for visiting our website!

Here you will find information concerning Freedom Remnant Assembly and its ministries. We hope you find your time spent here a blessing.

The church has a mission to build God's Army for end time ministry by equipping the Remnant Body for Spiritual Warfare, and meaningful Discipleship Training. 

We envision Freedom Remnant Assembly Churches across the Earth with the ministry mission of impacting individuals, families, homes, businesses with the message of Deliverance from demonic oppression. 

We also, provide Spiritual Covering for Freedom Remnant Assembly Locations across the Earth.  

If you are considering a new place of worship or a relocation, check our Freedom Remnant Ministry Locations, we would love to have you be our guest.

In the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, - Yeshua Hamashiach, Jesus the Messiah

- Pastor Henry Shaffer Sr.

When you visit our Remnant Assembly, you will find:

  • A caring congregation that will gladly welcome you
  • Preaching/teaching that is centered on the Word of God
  • Ministries to meet the spiritual needs of every age



  • FRA Planning IN Progress


    Planning is in Progress to contact everyone who expressed

    interest in FRA Membership, Covering, and Remnant Leaders.

    Updated 6-16-2024

    Pastor Henry Shaffer


  • Graduating Class 6-8-2024, Athens TN

    Host Church:  Remnant Kingdom Fellowship

    Pastors Jeff and Tabitha Scott


  • Membership Application


    Ready to Join as a member, online media partner, media member, or make a connection?

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  • Meeting the Need for Ministry Spiritual Covering

    Ministry Spiritual Covering

    (I'm interested in having Pastor Henry - FRA (Deliverance with Pastor Henry) as a Spiritual Covering in Ministry.)

    If that is you:  click on link provided to leave contact information.

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  • Remnant Leadership Local Assembly

    Remnant Leader Application (HUB)

    (I am interested in becoming a Remnant Assembly (HUB) Leader - Minister.) 

    If that is you:  click on link provided for Leader Application.

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